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​Laser Hair Removal

Many hair removal methods can be harsh on your skin. You know this if you have ever dealt with the irritation that comes along with shaving your legs? You spend lots of money on razors because they rust so fast. You get ingrown hair when you shave or wax too soon and you can’t help scratching the razor bumps. Another alternative to unwanted hair removal is a laser hair removal treatment at Reveal Cosmetic Laser.

Our laser hair removal service will provide you with a soothing and efficient answer. This type of hair removal treatment can be done on your face and body. It is a safe way to avoid the issues that can come from waxing and shaving. Eventually your hair will stop growing permanently, more effectively than Brazilian waxing services.

Laser hair removal is not harmful to your skin when getting rid of unwanted facial hair. If understanding the process makes you feel better about it, our specialist can explain to you how it all works. Most importantly, you should know the benefits of our service compared to home processes. It is a faster and more efficient way to eliminate hair. Our skin care spa aims to provide our clients with the most efficient, top notch treatments for healthy skin.

If your unwanted hair is making you uncomfortable with your appearance, our laser hair removal treatment can restore your confidence. Contact Reveal Cosmetic Laser in Edina, MN, to schedule your hair removal appointment today. Make sure to ask about our other skin treatments, such as our sun damage treatment.